Pillars of the modern world

News of developments in the regions have been arriving on Tulkinghorn's desk thick and fast this week, but none more groundbreaking than that from the Swindon office of Thring Townsend. Wait for it, wait for it… Thring Townsend has given up air conditioning.
Yes, it's true. But the firm isn't going to risk the wrath of sweating, sticky and angry employees. Oh no, Thring Townsend has a revolutionary new brick. This one brick, the firm claims, will provide natural ventilation by absorbing heat generated by activity during the day and dispersing it back into the office space at night.
Consulting engineer Mark Boulton, who worked with the firm developing the new building, said: “It's interesting to see solicitors, normally thought of as a very traditional profession, being so much in the forefront of design and construction.” Well, you certainly don't hear that every day.