Picture perfect?

Tulkinghorn would, of course, be the first to tell anyone that The Lawyer publication is of the very highest class and a world away from other tawdry rags that he cannot even bring himself to even mention. Thus he completely understands the eagerness of the legal world to appear on its pages. But even Tulkinghorn, who is by no means a shrinking violet, was gently shaking his head over Jeremy Courtenay-Stamp, a young buck at Macfarlanes. Said Courtenay-Stamp had the good fortune to feature in The Lawyer last week due to an innovative health PFI deal he pulled off with Berwin Leighton's Carol McCormack acting on the other side.

But calamity arose when Macfarlanes did not have a colour photograph of Courtenay-Stamp available and time was ticking away towards The Lawyer's deadline. McCormack managed to supply a picture on time and was all ready to go to print, but the more times our harridan news editor insisted that it was too late, the more the marketing department at Macfarlanes insisted that it was really important that Jeremy's photo should appear. To cut a long and tortuous story short, the saga ended with Courtenay-Stamp literally running down to the photographers on a Friday afternoon and McCormack's picture was dropped to make way for Stamp. Which may

explain why he appears slightly flushed and windswept. Anyway, Jeremy, just in case there are members of your family who missed last week's issue – here you are again.

PS – our harridan news editor would like to point out that she was in an unusually generous mood and is not in the habit of making lawyers' dreams come true. In fact, she's more like your worst nightmare.