Pick me, legal press

Hey kids! Bet you thought Daddio Tulkinghorn was a real square, right? Or that he was a dag and didn't dig it? Well, this week he's out to prove that he's down with the kids and hanging with the boys from home (surely that should be homeboys? – ed).

But Tulkinghorn is not the only one who's slammin' it. A couple of weeks ago, Mace & Jones was holding a fundraising "Giant Monopoly" event, in aid of Shelter, in one of Liverpool's finest hotels.

As if that wasn't fun enough, guess who they bumped into? None other than Suzanne. What do you mean, "who's Suzanne?" She's the blonde sensation sweeping the nation. She had short hair, then long hair, and now short hair again, and she's a lot less irritating than Darius. That's right, she's from Hear'Say, the group from television series Popstars. She was the one staying in the hotel with Kym (the one who used to be Kim until she became a Popstar).

Suzanne "traded Monopoly tactics with some of the Mace & Jones partners and even took part in photography with senior partner Graeme Jump." Tulkinghorn shudders to think what that photography bit means, but the big question is, who is the most desperate for publicity in this photo?