PI and Clinical Negligence

Personal injury (PI) law has been a hot topic in recent weeks with the media furore after The Lawyer’s revelation that more than £800m of taxpayers’ money has been paid in legal costs to firms handling the claims of sick coalminers.

Beresfords founder Jim Beresford alone reaped a whopping £16.75m in one year on the back of the miners’ compensation scheme (The Lawyer, 9 April).

The Daily Telegraph, The Times, the Daily Mail and The Sun joined the action, noting Beresford’s two Aston Martins and the firm’s £4.8m glass-fronted lakeside office.

This PI and Clinical Negligence Special Report examines the impact of another chronic illness, pleural plaques, which is linked to exposure to asbestos. It also examines whether those who exaggerate PI claims should be forced to forego payouts to which they would otherwise be entitled.