Name: Peter Lewis

Firm: Blake Morgan

Position: Trainee solicitor

Degree: History and International Relations

University: Lancaster

Hobbies: Hockey, Music, DIY on my new flat

Current department: Employment, Pensions and Benefits, and Immigration (EBPI)

Number of TC applications made and interviews attended: 10/3

Why did you decide to train as a solicitor?

I liked the idea of working in a commercial environment that is fast paced and intellectually stimulating.

Peter Lewis, Blake MorganWhat were the biggest challenges you faced when trying to secure a training contract?

The biggest challenge for me was getting that first piece of legal work experience under my belt. I remember taking a day off from my full time job to travel around the various law firms in my local area, asking about opportunities and handing out my CV. Someone in a small City practice eventually took pity on me!

What was the toughest training contract interview question you were asked (at any firm) and how did you answer?

I don’t think I have any particular horror stories. Any question asking you to identify your weaknesses is tricky. My advice would be to identify the weakness and then go on to explain what you have done to tackle it.

Tell us a bit about the type of work handled by the department you’re in at the moment…

EPBI is a rather broad seat that covers both contentious and non-contentious work. Examples of our work includes assisting international corporations in transferring employees to the UK, acting for employees/employers in employment disputes, and providing pension scheme restructuring advice.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your job?

Being a trainee with Blake Morgan means I get plenty of client exposure from the start which I really enjoy and particularly receiving that email or handshake from a satisfied client.

What about your job didn’t you expect before you started?

Just how much I’d enjoy the social aspects to a career in law. From playing football against clients to a charity relay run from London to Cardiff. There’s so much more to a career in law than the office.

Who’s the most recent email in your inbox from, and what’s it about?

An all office email reminding us that it is ‘Wear it Pink’ day tomorrow in support of a cancer charity.

Where’s the best place to go to get your office’s gossip?

Gossip seems to flourish whilst brewing tea.

Describe your training partner in three words.

Talented, Approachable, Focused. (Let’s hope he read this!)

Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself (in any order).

  • I was in the skydiving club at university.
  • I was offered my training contract on my wedding day.
  • I once sang a solo on Children in Need.

If you had not decided to become a lawyer, what career would you have chosen?

I’d have probably followed my dad into the Army.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to pursue a career in law?

Be open-minded. The area of law you weren’t sure about at university may be the one you love in practice.

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