Perky Pinkie

There are serious dangers in conducting lunches with journalists in a firm's own restaurant. For the journalist, having become used to fine eating in the most salubrious establishments (such as Spudulike), the main danger is obvious: sub-standard food (although in the following example, the journalist in question assures Tulkinghorn that the salad was of very reasonable quality and plentiful).
More serious dangers await those eating and meeting on their own doorstep. Take a recent lunching between a journalist from The Lawyer and Elaine Radford, DLA's development officer for corporate social responsibility (more commonly referred to as the 'pro bono officer'). Poor Radford did not have a relaxing meeting as she was pursued throughout by what our newshound refers to as “a scary four-foot lady in a pink velour jumpsuit”.
The lady was definitely an employee of the firm, although her purpose remains unclear, because in the end the lunch was cut short so that Radford could see to her needs. This presumably involved a trip to the nearest department store for couture a little more appropriate to a law firm than a pink velour jumpsuit.