Penningtons wins Makosi refugee status

South East firm Penningtons has won an appeal to allow reality TV contestant Makosi Musambasi to stay in the UK as a refugee.

Zimabawean Musambasi had her working visa curtailed and was faced with deportation after she appeared on Big Brother 6 in the summer. Her appearance on the show meant she had to give up her job as a cardiac nurse.

Her appeal centred on the fact that the current situation in Zimababwe would make it extremely dangerous for her to return to the country. Philip Barth, who led the case for Penningtons told The Lawyer: “This case has to be considered in light of what is happening in Zimbabwe and not on Musambasi’s celebrity.”

In a statement Barth said: “We have argued throughout that Musambasi ‘s case for international protection was a strong one and are disappointed that the Secretary of State rejected our arguments at a time when the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe was well known.”