Pearson GC Tellmann: why in-house roles are in peril

Pearson general counsel Bjarne Tellmann believes that in-house roles will be the next in line to be targeted by alternative legal service providers.

Tellmann, who is currently drawing up inaugural legal panels in the UK, argues that the temporary low-cost manpower provided by firms such as Lawyers on Demand, Axiom or Obelisk have effectively targeted the in-house market to offer help on specific operations.

The next step is for them to knock on company’s doors directly to offer an alternative to an in-house team.

So how can in-house lawyers avoid being cut out of the picture? Those who are able to embed themselves into the business are those who are likely to be safe, Tellmann argues.

Tellmann has ample experience with this transformation. The innovation he made in the legal function at Pearson, illustrated in his in-house interview with The Lawyer this week, gained him a spot on The Lawyer’s Hot 100 list this year.

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