Partners from Proskauer and Salans form Paris litigation independent

Proskauer’s Paris litigation head Christophe Lapp and partner Philippe Goossens have joined with Salans partners Michel Jockey and Guillaume Forbin to launch the Paris-based firm, which is called Altana.

The litigation-heavy firm, which has 11 partners, has brought together lawyers with a long history together. 

“Most of the partners began their careers at Rambaud Martel,” said corporate partner Forbin. “And then we split to different firms, mostly Salans and Proskauer Rose, and spent four years there. Then we decided to change our way of being lawyers – our activity led us to change from large international law firms to a smaller firm.

“Litigation work accounts for up to 75 per cent of our activity and we are quite Franco French. We have a lot of industrial clients and we want to adapt to give the kind of service that they want.”

Altana plans to distinguish itself from firms like Gide Loyrette Nouel, which has offices across the globe, by developing informal relationships with European firms, like Italian corporate Portolano Colella Cavallo Studio Legale.