Partner poaching firm settles

No terms of the settlement have been released, but Holleb & Coff is understood to have held onto some key clients. Last autumn, Holleb & Coff managing partner, Allen Lev reportedly accused Duane Morris, its chairman Sheldon Bonovitz and the departing partners of orchestrating a calculated plot to destabilise and destroy his firm.

Holleb & Coff took the matter to court in September, claiming the 11 partners had breached their fiduciary duty and partaken in a premeditated defection designed to hurt the Chicago firm professionally and financially.

The suit also alleged that the former partners tried to poach other Holleb & Coff lawyers, copied files from the firm's computer, pinched property such as books and encouraged clients not to pay their bills.

Holleb & Coff was originally chasing $3 million in damages plus $5 million owed by clients which the partners had failed to collect.