Part-time judges face delay over Woolf training

Part-time county court judges will receive no training in the Woolf civil justice reform rules until after the 26 April launch-date.

The 1,250 judges in England and Wales, who sit for a minimum of 20 days per year, will not begin training in the new rules until 19 April.

In the latest setback to hit the reforms, the Judicial Studies Board (JSB) has revealed that part-time judges will not complete their training until late June, after the launch of Lord Woolf's fast-tracking regime.

The Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, has refused to budge on the timetable for the reforms, despite revelations that the required computer systems would not be ready in time, as reported by The Lawyer on 23 June.

But JSB secretary Edward Adams said full-time judges would be trained and able to cope with any cases before the end of June.