Paris set for Short, Arse

With the Champions League final edging ever closer, Tulkinghorn thought readers would like an update on Simpson Thacher & Bartlett partner and obsessive Arsenal fan Stephen Short.

Many of you will remember that the football nut was having trouble concentrating on his work while he waited to find out if the Gunners had made it into the Champions League quarter-final.

As most readers will be aware, Arsenal not only made the semis, the ‘English’ team (most of its players are French, in case you didn’t know) booked its place in the final by squeezing past Spanish side Villareal.

Short got in touch with Tulkinghorn’s scribe again after the game. The poor chap could barely squeak out a sentence having screamed so hard during the second leg. Now he’s believed to be boning up on his French ahead of his trip to Paris for the final on 17 May.

It will make congratulating the team all the easier should it win.