Page three model claims agent cover-up

A model claims her agent took over half her earnings and failed to give her a true account of her work. Roger Pearson reports.

One of the tabloid press's favourite topless models is heading for a High Court confrontation with her agent.

Jordan, whose real name is Katie Price, is suing her agent, Helen Smith, who trades as Smithy's Model Agency, for damages in a dispute over fees.

The 20-year-old page three girl claims she agreed to pay Smith one fifth of her earnings as commission, but she alleges that her agent has taken more than half her earnings without telling her.

Now she is suing Smith for an account of what is due to her and an order for payment of all sums found due.

When the case reaches court, she will also seek an order restraining Smith from disposing of 80 per cent of the money she received on trust under the contract.

In a writ issued by London firm Epstein Grower & Michael Freeman, Jordan claims that Smith agreed to act as her agent just over a year ago and was to receive commission of 20 per cent under the deal.

Jordan says that at the time she had little experience of business matters and that about a month after the deal was agreed, Smith told her she had negotiated a "loads-of-money" contract with The Sun for her to appear as a page three model and that the

contract involved a £25,000 retainer for one year

However, Jordan claims that in March this year, when she was involved in a property purchase, she managed to get hold of a copy of the contract and discovered that The Sun was paying Smith a £52,000 retainer.

Now Jordan claims that Smith was in breach of the agreement and that she has taken more than the percentage commission agreed.

She accuses Smith of misusing her position to her own advantage, failing to give a true and full account of the work she carried out and failing to act in Jordan's best interest or treat her fairly.