Over and out

Over and outAccording to the rumour mill, once one of the 95 Hammonds employees currently in consultation has been told they’re out, they’re shown the door. Literally that day. No time to finish off any work they’ve got on – just enough to clear their desks.

One source close to Hammonds tells The Lawyer he was surprised when he heard that the notice period isn’t generally being worked.

“You would have thought that they would need to see through their cases and deals to the end but I suppose you need deals and cases to see them through to the end,” the source says caustically.

Ouch! He also says that the redundancy packages are far from generous, with former employees just getting the statutory minimum allowance.

The Hammonds party line, however, is that this is not the case. Hammonds managing partner Peter Crossley, says: “It’s utter nonsense. We’re handling the redundancies as sensitively and appropriately as we can.”

He also tells The Lawyer: “We’re still consulting with our staff at the moment and discussions are on-going with staff we’re hoping to find alternative roles for. The position will hopefully be clearer next week.”

Once the consultation is over and the dust settles down how the redundancy process actually took place is surely going to come to light.