Out of your league?

If you just can't wait until the start of the World Cup in the summer then you need look no further than the 'Mundiavocat'. Yes, it's a football world cup exclusively for lawyers. A London team has been entered for the biennial tournament that starts on 30 May in Malta. The squad already boasts three Oxford blues and partner representation in the shape of Simon Hall, Slaughter and May's silky skilled commercial partner.
Unfortunately, the entry requirements stipulate that only lawyers can participate, which rules out Tulkinghorn, who is a bit out of practice, and Chris Waddle, the former Spurs and England star who has turned out for Linklaters once or twice – memories of his mullet are understood to have hitherto prevented him obtaining a practising certificate. Trials will be taking place next month, so if there are any lawyers out there who are interested in a holiday in Malta please contact Mark Duncan at mundiavocat@london legalleague.co.uk.