Orrick grudge match inspires Battle of Kaiserslautern

Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe is leading a charge to proclaim itself the most globalised firm in the, er, globe.

Inspired by the US firm’s New York partner Burt Haimes, who is the longest-serving member of the US Soccer Federation’s board of directors, the firm has adopted the hitherto completely foreign culture of soccerball and World Cup fever is sweeping round its global network.

Haimes is keeping the firm up to date with daily emails direct from Germany while a friendly wager between two of his partners is in danger of backfiring after the World Cup’s most violent game yet.

It was billed in Orrick’s World Cup diary as The Orrick Grudge Match and the billing certainly seemed to inspire the players of Italy and the US.

Milan partner Alessandro De Nicola promised to send a case of Chianti to New York if the US beat Italy. While US partner Peter Bicks promised to send a case of Long Island wine to Milan if Italy won. Bicks didn’t think that was a great deal so promised to throw in some pastrami for good measure.

It appears that all bets are off though following the 1-1 draw in which two American players were sent off and one Italian received his marching orders. Daniele De Rossi was banished after elbowing American Brian McBride, who received stitches before soldiering on in a somewhat concussed manner.

Tulkinghorn has yet to receive word on who gets the booze after the draw but as a neutral party he would be happily accept it if it has already been bought and the partners are no longer speaking after the ill-tempered game.

Let’s just hope that De Nicola doesn’t mete out the De Rossi treatment to Bicks when they meet up at the next partner conference.