My Pride Story: “Coming out is just the start of an extremely challenging journey”

While June is Pride Month, no single month can fully encompass the celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community’s achievements and contributions, nor raise sufficient awareness and advocate for the challenges the community continues to face. This is especially the case given the diverse tapestry of human experiences, which the concept of intersectionality—recognising how different aspects of […]

My Pride Story: Next-gen leaders

In my 24 years as a lawyer I have always been open about my sexual orientation at work. In the early days this wasn’t the easiest path to tread. There were very few out lawyers who one could look up to as role models. Things have definitely improved.  I now have a wide pool of […]

Election 2024: A manifesto to manifest more housing

The general election has been called and if, as anticipated, we have a new government what can we expect in terms of planning and housing delivery over the next five years? I have been a planning lawyer specialising in the delivery of residential led mixed use developments for 25 years and, throughout that time, there […]

Money group

Costs management: firms need to do better

Costs management has been in place for nearly 11 years now. Few commercial litigators have expressed much love for it but last year’s report of the Civil Justice Council’s costs working party made clear that it is not going anywhere. Headed by Lord Justice Birss, the deputy head of civil justice, it said costs budgeting […]

law school library

Unlocking opportunities: Why universities must embrace the SQE

The legal landscape in England and Wales is rapidly transforming with the introduction of the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE). This shift in the qualification process for legal professionals is reshaping the traditional route to becoming a solicitor, and by 2032, all existing routes will be officially phased out, making it the sole option for aspiring […]

What Mr Bates and the Post Office can teach us about climate change

“You might think you’re thinking your own thoughts. You’re not. You’re thinking your culture’s thoughts.” Jiddu Krishnamurti We need to talk about our culture’s thoughts. These have been called different things: the dominant world view; our metanarrative; the hegemonic paradigm. Whatever the terminology, it comes down to the prevailing way of thinking, the story we […]

Climate education

Scale up and speed up: what we need to do about environmental governance

In the UK, as elsewhere, the environment is in a parlous state. Deeply concerning adverse environmental trends continue. Urgent action is needed to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. Businesses often want to do the right thing and NGOs are active in the sector. Even so, the environment often lacks a ‘voice’, with few economic […]

The Post Office scandal must not undermine the vital role of private prosecutions in securing justice for victims

The Post Office Horizon scandal has led to a renewed scrutiny of private prosecutions and growing calls for a reform of the system, first put forward by the Justice Committee, and which the Justice Secretary is apparently considering. However, it would be entirely wrong to extrapolate errors that occurred in the Post Office prosecutions to […]