CMA competition

Protect consumers, not corporates: public-service lawyering offers true purpose

By CMA chair Jonathan Scott, CMA panel inquiry chair Martin Coleman and CMA panel member Colleen Keck Talented associates often see private practice as the only route to a successful and fulfilling career, not least because of the financial rewards. And indeed, our combined careers have spanned leading positions in global law firms and we […]

Stonewall Pride

Law firms should ask hard questions about Stonewall

City firms are traditionally slow to react on controversial topics, but as a number of organisations withdraw their support for Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme, they may be forced to consider their position internally.

My Pride Story: Stop assuming and start asking the right questions

“Where’s mummy today?” is a question I’m asked all too often, in restaurants, the park and the nursery line when with my two-year-old. Before I used to laugh it off or even let it slide, but now I’m confident in putting people right: with a smile I politely say “my daughter has two dads”. And […]

Natasha Mutch

Freezing injunctions: what do lawyers really think?

At the end of the nineteenth century, Oscar Wilde brought an action for criminal libel against the Marquess of Queensbury, only to end up being prosecuted himself. Fast forward 65 years, when a prosecution was launched against Penguin Books for the publication of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. What followed was not a conviction of the defendant […]


Women and the Pandemic: Mentoring and supporting women in law matters more than ever

Becoming a successful lawyer relies on more than intelligence, dedication and expertise. Interpersonal skills play a large part, enabling lawyers to establish trust and build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. Access to a network, in the form of clients and referral relationships, is also essential. After a year of social distancing and working remotely, […]

Women and the Pandemic: three actions for equality we can take right now

Countless headlines this past year proclaimed that the pandemic has created a game changing acceptance of flexible working. What was previously a request commonly rejected as not being commercially viable, or, at best, accepted as a tolerated version of career plateau, is now being hailed as ‘the new normal’.  Organisations in some sectors are making […]

Women and the Pandemic: retaining women at the Bar

Although there are always work life balance challenges for any woman choosing a professional career, the simple truth is that no woman taking on a legal role can be left under any illusion about how tough their chosen profession is, particularly if they and their partner choose to have a family.  Devoting yourself to a […]