Open letter to Martin Mears

I understand that the nominations for the forthcoming working party on entry into the profession are to be considered by the Law Society Council on 21 September 1995.

In our previous correspondence, you [Martin Mears] have not committed yourself to a view on whether the Trainee Solicitors' Group should have one or more representatives on the working party. Given the imminence of the council's consideration, I now feel bound to write this open letter requesting you to include a TSG representative in nominations.

I will briefly set out my reasons for this.

The proposed working party will look at issues central to the future for law students and trainee solicitors. As the group representing the views of more than 25,000 trainees and student members of the Law Society, it is essential their voice is heard in the working party.

You have expressed concern that, "Legal Practice Course providers [are] allowed to turn out annually over 3,000 graduates for whom training places simply do not exist".

If one of your genuine concerns is the effect on law students and trainees of allowing over supply of LPC graduates then you must see it as a priority to include representation for those whom you claim such concerns for.

I hope a president who stood upon his desire for democracy in the Law Society would not turn his back on such a large portion of its membership.