One killed in Sarkozy law firm bomb

A parcel bomb has killed a legal secretary and seriously injured a lawyer in the building of French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s former law firm.

The package was addressed to a firm run by Catherine Gouet-Jenselme on the fourth floor of a building on Paris’ Boulevard Malesherbes.

The firm, which specialises in divorce, insurance and property law, shares its building with Arnaud Claude et Associés, which is still part-owned by Sarkozy. There are three floors between Arnaud Claude et Associés’ office and that of Catherine Gouet-Jenselme.

The package was delivered yesterday (6 December). The motive for the attack on the firm remains unclear, although Paris public prosecutor Jean-Claude Marin is reported to have said that the explosion was not linked to Sarkozy.

The country’s anti-terrorist squad is currently examining the remains of the package.

Arnaud Claude et Associés changed its name from Arnaud Claude-Nicolas Sarkozy when Sarkozy was elected in May, although the president retains a 30 per cent stake in the firm.