Olswang not a convert to LLP benefits

With a flurry of top City law firms converting to LLP status, the question on many lips is: “Will Olswang ever make the move?”The media (and real estate) giant was one of the first top 100 law firms to register as an LLP in the summer of 2001, but it has yet to go the whole hog and add the three letters after its name.

Managing partner David Stewart fessed up that the firm just hasn’t been “persuaded of the benefit”.

Stewart said: “We’ve another review in about a month’s time, but it’s still unlikely that we’ll make the change.”

But Olswang is not alone in the top 100. More than 10 firms, including Norton Rose and Salans, which registered in the winter of 2005, are still mulling over whether turning LLP is worth the bother.