Olswang eyes the Continent and Asia in international expansion U-turn

Olswang is ramping up its international expansion strategy with plans to secure outposts in France, Germany and the Far East.

Until its July 2005 link-up with US firm Greenberg Traurig, Olswang had always pursued an overseas strategy based on a network of best friends. This has now been ditched, with the firm scouting for opportunities on the Continent and in Asia.

Olswang’s chief executive Jonathan Goldstein confirmed that the firm was extending its search for international opportunities, with France and Germany topping the target list.

“I’ve always been a strong believer in doing whatever’s the most obvious thing first,” he said. “It’s evident that France and Germany are clear gaps in our network, so we’ll be looking to those jurisdictions first.”

Goldstein said Olswang had “good relationships” with a number of firms in France and Germany and the next six to nine months would see the firm working towards transforming these relationships into “a different form”. Goldstein refused to comment on whether that meant an Olswang or a Greenberg office, or a strategic alliance with a local firm.

Last week Goldstein returned from his latest visit to Greenberg in the US. He said both firms were “delighted” with the volume of referrals both ways, which had “far exceeded” expectations. He added that the firms are now exploring ways to strengthen their relationship and increase opportunities.