Ogier has launched a new online wills portal to make the process of making a will quicker and more cost effective for Jersey residents.

With an estimated 60%* of British residents, including Islanders, without a will, Ogier wills specialist Victoria Grogan says that the firm has launched a new wills portal to make the process easier for those who risk dying intestate.

“Having a will means that your family and loved ones will be spared uncomfortable decisions and conversations at a difficult time, and it means that you’re in control not just of what happens to your assets, but also lets you record your wishes about funeral arrangements too,” said Victoria.

“Making a will under Jersey law is a very different process to that in England & Wales – but it doesn’t have to be too complicated, time-consuming or costly.”

Ogier’s new will portal enables people, in their own space and time, to put together all of the information needed to draft a simple will, which must then be signed in person.