OffshoreAll offshore eyes are carefully watching the movements of Stop the Tax Haven Abuse Act, the Bill introduced to the US Senate by US President Barack Obama in February 2007.

If there is to be any reformation of offshore jurisdictions it will begin in the US with this Bill.

Also at the forefront of offshore minds is the growing amount of work being spawned by the credit crunch.

In this Offshore Special Report Charles Jennings urges lawyers to rebuff political criticism by being more transparent about their practices. Stephen Platt, meanwhile, explains the importance of US anti-money laundering legislation.

Elsewhere, Nigel Meeson QC scrutinises how the recession is affecting fund redemption legislation in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands, while Philip Paschalides argues that companies are beginning to use special purpose vehicles in Cayman to offload toxic debt and free up capital.

But we begin by discovering who Jonathan White names as his mentor, as the ex-Ogier executive chairman looks back on nearly two decades of firm management.

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The White stuff
Credit guard
Normal service resumed?
Redeeming features
Resistance is futile
Redemptions on song?
Clear thinking