Official: Lawyers drink the most tea

A recent survey has revealed that people working in the law drink more cups of tea per day than those in all other professions.

Seventy per cent of legal workers drink more than three cups per day, with twenty per cent drinking more than six cuppas per day.

This makes the legal profession even larger consumers of tea than those in the “architecture, engineering and building” field, according to a nationwide poll of almost 2,000 Brits conducted on behalf of international development charity ActionAid, to promote its ’24 Hour Tea and Coffee Break’ event.

Despite the findings a straw poll by The Lawyer suggests not very many partners at City firms drink tea at all, most instead opting for the drink of those clearly living on the edge: coffee.

Or, in the case of one magic circle partner, completely tee-totalling on the caffeine-front.

He claims to be the “only living Yorkshireman that does not drink tea”. Nor coffee in fact. But he makes clear that his abstention is a matter of taste and not a health kick. And because he doesn’t like to “dilute the alcohol in the bloodstream.”

Guesses of the partner’s name on an electronic postcard please – a prize has been promised.

Please feel free to post your tea and coffee drinking experiences below.