Ofcom chief exec Carter quits

Ofcom’s chief executive Stephen Carter has stepped down from his role, the Ofcom board has announced.

Carter, who left NTL in 2003 to join the new regulator, has resigned from the position effective 15 october 2006.

He will continue to lead on all operational and financial matters until his leaving date, but from 1 August 2006 will not be involved in Ofcom’s economic, competition and policy decisions.

Carter will be on gardening leave for the next 12 months.

An Ofcom spokesperson said Carter was restricted from speaking to the media due to contractual obligations.

He said Carter’s decision to leave was “his own” and not at the will of the board. A spokesperson claimed Carter had completed his objectives.

Ofcom’s search to recruit Carter’s successor will begin in June with an appointment expected by autumn 2006. The post will be advertised nationally and will be open to external and internal candidates.