NZ opposition party in bid to swap Supreme Court with Aussie High Court

Australia’s High Court could replace the Supreme Court of New Zealand as that country’s final court of appeal if New Zealand’s opposition party wins the next federal election.

New Zealand National Party member of parliament and member of the Justice and Electoral Committee Richard Worth said a national or national coalition government would look at introducing the Australian High Court as New Zeal-and’s final court of appeal.

Worth said if this was to occur, the Australian Constitution would need to be amended “to constitute the High Court of Australia with assigned New Zealand judges as the country’s
final court”.

This is a new admission from Worth and the opposition, which have been lobbying for the reversion of the New Zealand judicial system to the use of the Privy Council in London, which was replaced on 1 July by the New Zealand Supreme Court.

The Privy Council had been the final court of appeal in New Zealand since 1841. However, it was replaced by the Supreme Court as part of the Supreme Court Act 2003 in a bid to establish a more localised court of appeal that was comprised of New Zealand judges.

The National Party is currently in opposition in parliament and the next federal election is scheduled to take place next year.