20 December 1974; ICJ gives judgment in the nuclear tests cases (Australia v France, New Zealand v France).

December 1991; President Mitterand announces moratorium on further French nuclear tests, to take effect in May 1992.

9 May 1995; Adoption of indefinite extension to Non Proliferation Treaty: France agrees to exercise “utmost restraint” in conduct of nuclear tests.

13 June 1995; President Chirac announces end to nuclear tests moratorium, final series of eight tests to start in September 1995 and to be complete by time of Comprehensive Test Ban negotiations.

21 August 1995; New Zealand files request at ICJ to ask for “Examination of the Situation” and “Further Request for the Indication of Provisional Measures”.

23 August 1995; Australia applies for permission to intervene.

24 August 1995; Samoa and Solomon Islands apply for permission to intervene and declare intervention.

25 August 1995; Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia apply for permission to intervene and declare intervention.

5 September 1995; France carries out first test at Mururoa

11-12 September 1995; New Zealand and France present oral arguments at the ICJ in The Hague.

22 September 1995; ICJ majority adopts order rejecting New Zealand requests and the five interventions.

May 1996; Negotiations to adopt Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty scheduled to begin at UN in Geneva.