Notts Law School runs legal clinic

Nottingham Law School is to launch a legal advice clinic where students will offer free legal advice to members of the public under the supervision of a qualified solicitor.

The law school has hired a local solicitor to oversee the project when it kicks off during the 2007 academic year.

As part of the programme, students will have the opportunity to deal face-to-face with clients seeking legal advice in a supervised environment.

Senior lecturer and university pro bono coordinator Nick Johnson told Lawyer 2B that the clinic would give students practical skills to help them adjust to the workforce.

“We’re not the first to introduce a programme like this, but we thought it was an excellent idea,” Johnson said. “The clinic will give students the chance to advise members of the public on real-life matters.”

Students involved in the project will advise people on a range of legal matters, including everything from buying and selling property to employment law.

“Obviously, the students aren’t qualified to represent clients, but certainly they’ll get to advise people on a number of standard legal matters presented to them by members of the local community,” said Johnson.