Nottingham Law School hits back with Mayer Brown deal

Nottingham Law School (NLS) has signed an exclusive deal with US firm Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw to deliver the Legal Practice Course (LPC) for the firm’s London trainees.

The School has lagged behind rivals BPP and the College of Law in recent years, as the latter schools have snapped up a number of exclusive contracts with the majority of large law firms.

Mayer Brown will send between 25 and 30 trainees a year to NLS’s base in London, which is run in conjunction with US professional training giant Kaplan. The first batch of trainees will begin next year.

Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw London general counsel and training principal Stephen Gare explained: “Nottingham has over the years delivered good satisfaction levels for students who have attended, and the standard of teaching is high – our point of view has always been ‘what a shame it’s in Nottingham not in London.’”

Gare said that the firm was also tempted by Nottingham because of the school’s perceived internationalism. “We are trying to get our people thinking more globally: about different legal regimes and different legal systems and principles rather than just English ones, and Nottingham are well placed to do that.”

He added that Nottingham’s tie-up with Kaplan is “a good thing as far as [Mayer Brown] are concerned, as [the firm] has done business with Kaplan in the United States.”

As first reported on 22 June, Nottingham Law School (NLS) signed a partnership agreement with Kaplan to offer LPC and GDL places to around 250 students, with the first cohort starting in September 2007.

NLS has already teamed up with Kaplan in connection with the Nottingham Trent International College. Kaplan teaches 900,000 students every year worldwide and has more than 75 post secondary campuses in the US and abroad.

NLS rival College of Law opened a brand new branch in Moorgate in the summer.