Nortons partner runs to Germany to escape the Germans; Jones Day hogs tickets

So either Germany or Ecuador awaits England in the second round. Tulkinghorn suspects there might be more than just a few Germans working for UK firms (or more likely those who used to work for UK firms) who are hoping for a bit of on-pitch revenge next week.

But for the third time of this World Cup the bars and boardrooms of City firms will be thrown wide open as England take the field tonight to face Sweden.

And once again, there will be more than just a couple of City lawyers in the stands in Cologne.

Norton Rosereal estate lawyer Daniel Wagerfield has had himself an interesting World Cup experience. He has taken off to the south of France for a three-week holiday. With his in-laws! Staying at a campsite that is traditionally full of Germans!

“It’s going to be a nightmare if Germany does well in the Cup,” he lamented before leaving.

Can your holiday planning get any better? Thankfully for Wagerfield’s sanity, and just to rankle Tulkinghorn a little bit more, he’s “having a holiday within a holiday” and tonight finds himself in Cologne for the England game with some friends who make the EA Sports computer games. And not an in-law in sight.

Jones Dayhas come to Tulkinghorn’s attentions as a firm to either love or loathe, depending on ticket availability.

But even Tulkinghorn can (grudgingly) show respect where it is due, and must dip his lid to the super-efficient organisation of the firm in the race for tickets, securing not just blocks of eight tickets for just about every match in the tournament – including quarters, semis and even the final itself.

They’ve also managed to block book hotels in the cities at a discounted rate and have made oodles and oodles of new crazy-eyed friends waving lucrative mandates as they salivate over the prospect of tickets.

Litigation partner Stephen Pearson could barely hide his gloating glee as he related to Tulkinghorn all the matches he has been to see so far: England v Paraguay, England v Trinidad & Tobago, Italy v USA, Australia v Brazil.

No prizes for guessing where Pearson and his colleagues are going to be tonight. Yep, Cologne.

“Our German offices got in early and picked blind before the draw for games. We got tickets for some cracking games, and we also got tickets for games like Switzerland v Togo. You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth,” says Pearson. Yes, quite.

But at least we are heartened to hear those hard working associates at Jones Day are in with a shout too.

“Yes, we’ve got associates going as well,” says Pearson. “We’re not that authoritarian, you don’t have to be a partner to go. And it’s not just the Togo v Switzerland game they’re being given, they’ve got some good games.”

Well Tulkinghorn says sucks to you and your fancy array of tickets. We’re off to the bar for an early start to see Sven’s men take on Swedes.