North East firm gets air alliance off the ground

Newcastle and Darlington law firm Ward Hadaway is helping create a high-profile aerospace body out of 10 companies in an attempt to bring business to the region.

The firm advised the 10 businesses on a memorandum of understanding that formed them into a corporate cluster called the Northern Defence Initiative Aerospace Group (NDI AG).

The aim is for NDI AG to compete with large aerospace companies such as British Aerospace and Boeing for contracts.

The associate in charge of the NDI AG account at Ward Hadaway, Andrew Finfer, says: “The initiative has already started paying off.”

He points out that when aerospace giant Lockheed Martin recently visited the UK it overlooked the North East as a source of aerospace products.

“Lockheed Martin would not have been aware of the defence industry in the North East were it not for the NDI AG,” he says.

“Now, as a result of NDI AG intervention, they are considering the benefits of placing contracts in the North East,” he says.

Insiders say that hundreds of jobs have already been created in the region due to a rise in aerospace contracts.