With increased connectivity of the legal market across Europe, economic instability, talent shortages, cybercrime, and increased competition, you need to stay ahead of the game by knowing what your competitors and the market is doing.

This new content package will help firms across the continent better understand the market, their competitors, client needs and more. Our award-winning editorial, data, research and insight teams will bring you increasingly rich coverage from the Continent:

  • News reports on the most relevant stories around the continent
  • Fortnightly commentary on market trends, strategies, client relationships and the players at those firms
  • Long interviews and intelligence with leading GCs from the region and other important trendsetters
  • Data, analysis and benchmarking with the inaugural Nordic 50 report from Signal
  • A customized view of the content on our website so you can find what’s most relevant to you more easily.

About this Package

This new package features increased intelligence and insight into the most important Nordics and European law firms, what’s happening in the market, their clients and more. Get unlimited access to all our content for everyone that works at your firm.  (add line here on customized website). In addition to this, enjoy the best coverage of the top firms in the UK and the US with presence across Europe and the Nordics.

Join 98% of the Top UK and US firms in getting the best intelligence in the business of law

In addition to the best news and commentary, we are offering the research & insight from our award-winning service Signal. Signal delivers in-depth strategic insight and benchmarking with long-form reports on the topics that matter to your firm. It provides thought-provoking analysis of market trends and the data behind them, supported by interviews with leading industry figures and your clients.

The new European & Nordic Signal research features:

  • Out in March the first Nordic 50 report with headcount analysis and profiles of every firm featured
  • Quarterly reports on the Nordics market trends
  • Flagship European 50 reports from 2023 and previous years
  • Special deep dives on specific topics of countries
  • Analysis of trends and moves

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