No more admin for SEG, says Law Soc

The Law Society is proposing to stop minute-taking and running the membership list for the Solicitors European Group.

“The SEG is in an anomalous position,” said Jonathan Goldsmith, the society's international head, pointing out that administrative support is normally only provided to groups that have difficulty gaining access to the profession, such as women, the young and the disabled.

He continued: “The SEG is really a special interest group like the Legal Aid Prac titioners Group or the Solicitors' Family Law Assoc iation, which do not receive administrative support from the Law Society.”

He said that two Law Society staff currently spend part of their time taking SEG minutes and running its membership list but their time could be better spent handling other duties and letting the SEG take its own minutes and look after its own membership list.

Simon Holmes, chairman of the SEG, said the matter had to be formally discussed by his organisation this week.

He had tentatively suggested applying for funding from the Law Society instead, and said: “I think that idea was met with some sympathy”.

The SEG aims to help its member increase knowledge of EU law and national legal systems in Europe and to promote links with European lawyers.