No grace from gnome

Tulkinghorn did the honourable thing and accompanied his jittery scribes through the looming arches of the Royal Courts of Justice to Court 61 after they found themselves in a spot of bother recently.

The court is located on the tenth floor of the Thomas More building at the back of the court complex. After a gruelling walk far too early in the morning, Tulkinghorn was presented with a problem – only two lifts were working and an enormous crowd had already gathered. The door to the stairs was locked and time was ticking away before Tulkinghorn’s great court debut.

Adrenaline took over and Tulkinghorn ran round the corner to find a lift waiting. He jumped in with a scribe just as the doors were closing, breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to some quiet before the storm.

Unfortunately, Tulkinghorn stumbled upon a court gnome. “Do you f&@%ing work here?” he enquired. “This lift is for Court staff only!” Tulkinghorn made it to court a little flustered. Is this what they call access to justice?