No gain without pain

While many law firms in the UK still have to get to grips with the fundamentals of advertising, there is one London firm that has certainly grasped the bull by the horns. Just take a look at the latest offerings from divorce specialists Brookman.

Well, they are certainly bold. There are two ads: one, which pictures a packed suitcase and the strapline “Ditch the Bitch”, will appear in men's toilets and City bars; while the other depicts a woman lying face down on a bed with the strapline, “All men are bastards”.

Principal partner Henry Brookman says: “I was sceptical about the ads because I'm a cautious lawyer, but the first reaction of everyone I showed them to was to laugh.”

In the end, it was his wife who insisted he run with the ads. Brookman already has experience of risqué ad campaigns from his time practising in his native Australia. It was the support he received from the then chief justice of the family court for the Australian campaign that encouraged him to try again over here. The judge has not, however, been asked his opinion on whether all men are bastards.