Nicholls QC, Colin – Hot 100

Colin Nicholls must win the accolade of humanitarian barrister of the year.

In his capacity as chairman of the prestigious Commonwealth Lawyers Association – which exists to maintain the rule of law in the Commonwealth – he acted in 2004 as joint amicus curiae in the case brought by detainees at Guantanamo Bay against US president George Bush over the detention of foreign nationals at the camp. He also acted for Jamaican detainee Lambert Wilson in the successful overthrow of his country’s decision to sentence him to death for the murder of his girlfriend and baby daughter in 1999. This case has been a cause célèbre at a time when Jamaica’s main political parties are fighting over whether the death penalty should be maintained.

Nicholls is also a highly rated fraud barrister whose list of clients includes the Hinduja brothers.

Colin Nicholls QC