Nice work if you can get it

If you work in business development there is really only one story this week. Yes, as we reported yesterday, marketing heads at some of London’s top 60 law firms are being paid as much as £477,000.

The story immediately unleashed a torrent of comments on, with much of the debate focusing on the age-old debate of whether a non fee-earner – shock, horror, a “non-lawyer” – could be worth so much.

“If a marketing director is actively contributing to the firm’s success, why should they not be rewarded for this like the partners are?” pointed out Kevin Wheeler of Wheeler Associates. Why indeed.

Elsewhere today, Yerra Solutions’ CEO Stacey Coote reveals how online auctions, which often save in-house teams up to 40 per cent in fees, can also work in the favour of law firms.

Meanwhile Control Risks’ briefing on information technology highlights the risks posed by insider threats while its briefing “Stuck in the bottleneck” looks at corruption in African ports.

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