New Law Soc head promises support in time of change

FIONA Woolf last week (19 July) stepped down as the president of the Law Society to make way for immigration lawyer Andrew Holroyd.

Holroyd, a partner at Liverpool-based Jackson & Canter, took over the reins of the solicitors’ representative body at the AGM.

Holroyd vowed to lead the entire profession through “what is bound to be a period of immense change and challenge”, with legal aid and the Clementi reforms very much in flux.

The new president said the society’s main role is to support solicitors and he will endeavour to do this by travelling the country to find out the profession’s issues first-hand.

Holroyd added: “Promoting excellence is a crucial role for an effective representative body.

“We can all benefit by recognising and learning from the achievements of the leaders and innovators in our profession, and the public needs to know how the profession is changing.”

On the burning issue of legal aid, Holroyd said: “I’m determined to fight for a fair deal for all. We’ll continue to pursue our ‘What Price Justice?’ campaign to ensure that the most vulnerable members of society aren’t denied the legal help they need.”

Paul Marsh, a consultant at Surrey-based Downs Solicitors, stepped up to become vicepresident, while former managing partner of Beachcroft Bob Heslett began his year as deputy vice-president.