New Board and Management for Euro-Link

Steuart Howie of Russel & Aitken, Edinburgh, becomes President; Philippe Bedard of Juris Audit International, Paris, Vice President; Chris Mitchell of Cartwrights, Bristol, Secretary and Paul Sillis of Collyer-Bristow, London, as Treasurer.

They will form the executive of the association, whose board includes representation from the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Luxembourg, Belgium and Denmark.

Additionally, Cartwrights was appointed as administrator to the association, also responsible for co-ordinating quality, marketing and recruitment.

The association is represented in 60 cities worldwide, and recently announced new members in Israel and Turkey. Firms in Finland, Hungary and the Ukraine have recently said they want to join..

Steuart Howie comments: "We have a clear agenda for the future which is focused on coordinated client service and representation where and when this is required. We believe that there are significant benefits in the association concept, particularly at a time of increasing change in the way that clients expect to be serviced.

"An association is flexible and resilient. Like an international partnership or formal alliance it can draw on a range of strengths and capabilities, but it also enables clients to have greater control of how they are serviced and greater choice over the teams involved.