Never mind the buzzcocks

But The Lawyer was there and can bring it to you now.

Picture the scene: Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge and the Master of the Rolls Lord Neuberger are gathered at the Royal Courts of Justice to support Jackson LJ as he presents his review into civil litigation costs.

As well as the country’s leading judiciary, the country’s top legal reporters are waiting, breathlessly, for Jackson LJ to pronounce on how to stop those pesky claimant lawyers from feasting on rising legal fees.

Everyone is scribbling, Jackson LJ is presenting and Lord Judge LCJ and Neuberger MR are smiling intently. The atmosphere is one of intense concentration.

At which, perfectly judged, moment the speakers kick into life. Some loon from outside the room has inadvertently switched on a microphone. The sound of frantic scrabbling as he tries to switch it off echoes around the room.

Jackson LJ stops mid-sentence. Pens hang in the air. Ears perk. Who is this person who has the audacity to interrupt a judge?

Sadly, we may never know. But nevertheless, The Lawyerwould like to extend its Friday fun thanks to the person who yelled “Oh sh*t” slap bang in the middle of Jackson’s presentation yesterday.


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