Neuberger LJ to be Master of the Rolls

Lord David Neuberger has been appointed as the 95th Master of the Rolls (MR), to take over from incumbent Anthony Clarke who joins the Supreme Court in October.

As revealed by The Lawyer (13 July 2009) Lord Neuberger had been tipped by barristers and senior clerks for the job and his appointment caps a swift rise through the judicial ranks.

In 2007, he became one of the country’s youngest Law Lords, having spent just two years in the Court of Appeal.

The Master of the Rolls is the second most senior judge in England and Wales, outranked only by the Lord Chief Justice. The Queen appoints the MR on the advice of the prime minister, who consults senior members of the judiciary.

Neuberger is currently advising the government on its efforts to improve diversity in the bar.

He published a report for the Entry to the Bar Working Party in 2007, calling for new initiatives reaching out to schools and universities, and reforms to education.