Networking tool set up for sole in-housers

The Commerce & Industry (C&I) Group has invested in software to allow its sole in-house lawyer members to network online.

The software, which will be rolled out to lawyers later in the year, is part of a programme aimed at supporting in-house counsel who work alone.

The programme will allow sole in-housers to meet and communicate online and is aimed at increasing advice and knowledge-sharing between lawyers.

“One third of our members are sole in-housers – that’s about 650 sole in-house counsels in London alone – but they are not being catered for,” said Deepak Malhotra, chair of C&I Group London and general counsel of InBev Corporate and Western Europe.

The sole in-house counsel effort is being carried out in partnership with Stephenson Harwood. The project is being led by Harvey Nichols’ sole in-house general counsel Maninder Gill, TEVA UK’s director of legal affairs Alexandra Thrower and Warner Music’s vice president of law and corporate affairs Dan Pickard.

The C&I Group is also looking into starting a newsletter dedicated to sole in-house lawyers in addition to holding a roundtable discussion to explore the issues being faced by these practitioners.