Nearly home

Eversheds chief executive David Gray was reported to be “in ebullient mood” over the firm’s financial results (The Lawyer, 29 May). However, news reached Tulkinghorn recently that suggests  it was not the figures that cheered the Grayster, but something altogether more fundamental.

Yes, the foundations for the firm’s brand spanking new offices were declared sound last month. It’s a great step forward and means Eversheds is that bit closer to No puffs in the office
The fearsome head of Skadden‘s London office, Chelski supremo Bruce Buck, is known for his ability to instil terror in the most hardened of hacks. But it seems it’s not just outsiders whose knees begin to tremble in the great man’s presence.

A story reached Tulkinghorn recently about Skadden’s head of finance Mark Darley. Apparently, when he first started at the firm, he was a confirmed smoker and enjoyed nothing more than lighting up a cheeky snout in his office. He had clearly not reckoned with his next-door neighbour.

One day the office manager entered with an air purifier, saying: “Bruce asked me to give you this.”

Message received loud and clear: Darley’s in-house fags ended immediately.

escaping Senator House for that most zeitgeist of law firm possessions, a new home.