NDA legal team grounded by Cumbrian shootings

The legal department at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is currently subject to a lock-in following news that a gunman has killed several people in and around Whitehaven in Cumbria, where the NDA is based.

Robert Higgins
Robert Higgins

Speaking to The Lawyer NDA legal head Robert Higgins said: “We’re confined to barracks, we’re all basically locked in. It’s literally [happening] just down the road in Whitehaven, we’re on the outskirts.”

The NDA employs 450 people, including 11 legal staff. It received an alert at 11.20 this morning with the recommendation that all staff remain inside.

Higgins said: “I believe all our workforce is okay. Anyone who was out of the building when we received the alarm is obviously outside the building.”

Police began searching for the suspect, Derrick Bird, after shootings were reported this morning in Whitehaven, Seascale and Egremont. It is understood that the suspect has now been found dead.

Higgins added: “We have televisions in the breakout areas, people have been watching the breaking news, but there isn’t much breaking news at the moment. We’ve all gone back to work.”