Namimg and shaming

Tulkinghorn would like to thank those responsible for the deluge of entries for the 'Name the Eversheds Café' competition. Never has a competition without a prize had such a response.
One response is from Angela Woodruff, who writes from her hotmail account, presumably to help mask her identity (although Tulkinghorn's sources tell him that she may work at a Warwick firm called Moore & Tibbits). She squeezed her creative juices dry to come up with Café Forever (geddit?).
Philip Turner of Fladgate Fielder was obviously gloating over the blissful work/life balance cultivated at his firm when he came up with Evergrind Café, while the dire situation of in-house local authority lawyers is highlighted by the tragic response from Liz Cooper from the London Borough of Camden. She suggested the monikers Everfeds and Eversheds Spreads, while confessing that her favourite is the highly original Eversheds Café. She then goes on to beg a meal, asking: “Does the winner get an invite to sample the culinary delights?”
Tulkinghorn would like to suggest to his readership that perhaps it would be nice if it could spare 20p for a cup of tea for the Camden legal team.
As for the café's name, Tulkinghorn would like to suggest Billable Hours, as a gentle hint to those tempted to spend too long there. Or perhaps Bean Counters, in a nod to the future inevitability of multidisciplinary practices. Finally, what about the Wellmeadow Café? Although, as this was the name of the establishment that featured so prominently in Donaghue Stevenson, Tulkinghorn would suggest that the clientele steer well clear of the ginger beer.