Naked ambition lunch

Spies keeping tabs on the six bands currently gearing up for next week’s epic battle of the bands showdown at the 100 Club have reported some shocking news.

Arch rivals Lovells’ axeman Bob Kidby and David ‘Bassically’ Battiscombe from BLP were spotted having lunch together yesterday (Wednesday 10 June) in a London restaurant.

The meeting raises the tantalising suggestion that Battiscombe is considering a last-minute defection from BLP’s group Real State, described by sources as being influenced by “obscure German techno-industrial grind splatter” to Kidby’s thrash metal wannabes The New Teen Titans.

Those present in the restaurant said the pair were clearly “swapping notes”. It is thought these were two F sharps and a B major, although Kidby is also known to have A flat by the C.

Controversy already surrounds Kidby. As previously reported, Lovells’ band recently secured the coveted last spot on the bill in circumstances that sources have described as “mysterious”.

Cornered at last night’s annual Lovells press party, Kidby said he and Battiscombe had known each other professionally for several years and that there was absolutely nothing dark and sinister about their lunch yesterday at all. Oh no. Honest guv.

Kidby then made his excuses and left.