Nabarro lawyers learn to be lucid

Nabarro, the firm that famously banned the extra ‘s’ at the end of its name after an intensive rebranding campaign, will now stop its lawyers from using words such as ‘therein’ and ‘forthwith’ in client briefs.

The top 30 firm’s lawyers are being sent back to school to learn how to write clearer English as part of the firm’s ‘Clarity Matters’ branding strategy.

Jargon will be jettisoned as part of the same campaign that saw ‘Nathanson’ dropped from the firm’s name, as well as the extraneous ‘s’ at the end of its nickname. Nabarro’s 500 fee-earners have been signed up to a plain English writing seminar to improve client communication.

Business development director Guy Bigland said: “It will help lawyers think about what they say and make sure that the language they use is understandable.”

As part of the lucidity drive Nabarro has simplified the language on its website, which is expected to gain the approval of the Plain English Campaign in the next few weeks.

Partners insist that banning legalese will be a hit with clients.

Corporate partner Caroline Newsholme said: “Clients these days don’t want to be confused by lawyers or bogged down by technical language.”