The “3 pieces of advice” series is a collection of brief, 5-minute slots created as a platform for legal professionals to share work and life advice with their peers.

In this latest video, Wolters Kluwer manager for UK and Ireland Shay Ogunsanya shares his 3 pieces of advice for creating a legal digital strategy: “A good place to start is by solving smaller, more manageable problems that can deliver quick wins. It might be tempting to solve everything at once, but this approach is likely to fail because of the enormous change management that needs to happen.”

My 3 pieces of advice by Shay Ogunsanya from The Lawyer on Vimeo.

About Shay:

In his current role Shay advises corporate legal departments across Europe on tech solutions during the acquisition process. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Master’s degree in International Relations and Affairs. In previous roles he worked as a legal consultant for the Dutch-Cypriot Chamber of Commerce where he provided general legal advice related to how EU laws are enacted in both Cyprus and the Netherlands.