The “3 pieces of advice” series is a collection of brief, 5-minute slots created as a platform for legal professionals to share work and life advice with their peers.

In this latest video, Ashurst Advance head of collaborations Rachel Barnes shares her 3 pieces of advice on succeeding in the current environment and beyond: “In the short term we remember failure far more than we remember success; and when we do remember successes, we forget the hurdles we’ve had to overcome along the way”.

My 3 pieces of advice by Rachel Barnes from The Lawyer on Vimeo.

About Rachel: 

Rachel Barnes

Rachel is the newly created Head of Collaborations at Ashurst Advance.  With a view to being recognised by Ashurst’s clients as a leader in the efficient and flexible delivery of legal services, Rachel is focussed on identifying and embedding a network of strategic collaborations in delivery, data and technology.  Not only with vendors, but also with other law firms (co-opetition) and clients.  Rachel’s passion is for culture change, creating a creative mindset and environment, in which new ways of working can be embedded and ideas can blossom.