The “3 pieces of advice” series is a collection of brief, 5-minute slots created as a platform for legal professionals to share work and life advice with their peers.

In this latest video, LexisNexis director of strategic markets Mark Smith shares his 3 pieces of advice on focusing on the right things: “Every time you say yes to something, you are taking responsibility for spending less time on the things that you are already committed to and the things that are really important.”

3 pieces of advice by Mark Smith from The Lawyer on Vimeo.

About Mark:

Mark is the Director of Strategic Markets at LexisNexis where he leads the company’s engagement with large law firms and in-house teams. Mark practised as a lawyer for ten years at national and City law firms and an international in-house legal team. Alongside his work for LexisNexis Mark is a Fellow and Senior Advisor at Judge Business School, Adjunct Faculty at Henley Business School and an Affiliated Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Law. Mark holds an MBA and an MSc in behavioural change and is a practising executive coach working with law firm management and senior in-house lawyers.